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Why After-school and Summer Programs are Beneficial

Are you wondering afterschool are beneficial or not? Afterschool programs keep the kid safe and motivate them to learn. Afterschool programs are different in every state and community. Quality programs understand children have different academic requirements. They help working parents in improving their children’s overall performance at school.
President Trump has decided to end the funding for afterschool programs and summer programs. The impact of this would be devastating for 2 million families and children that rely on it. But Congress has not made any decision yet.
Here are the benefits of afterschool programs and summer programs and decide.

Benefits of After-school Programs and Summer Programs

Afterschool programs bring a lot of benefits to children, communities, and families. With the help of the afterschool program, children can improve their academic performance. They can lower the chance of risky behavior and offer a safe and secure setting for children of working parents. While summer programs provide your child a setting that will help them develop their social skills. It helps them expand their circle of friends.

Boost Academic Performance

In the previous studies it was showed that afterschool programs are not helpful. But attending the 21st Century Community Learning Center has to be proved useful. Afterschool programs are helpful in improving the grade of children. It was reported in a study that students that attending afterschool program regularly improves their performance. It was showed that 40% of the children improved their math grades and reading.
These programs not only focus on the academic performance but also on academic outcomes. They introduced fun extra-curricular activities that promote youth development.


A quality afterschool program will help in improving the classroom behavior of the students. The school attendance will increase and risk of dropping out will reduce. Moreover, the attending afterschool has even led to decrease in the use of drugs. This also has led to students reducing risky behavior. According to a report, afterschool programs have a positive effect on the juvenile crime and drugs use. Students spend time in afterschool rather than committing crimes. Afterschool programs are safe for children. The working parents can rest assured that their child is in good hands.


Afterschool programs promote a healthy lifestyle in children and provide them extensive knowledge about nutrition. They encourage students to maintain a healthy diet and have at least one physical activity. As a result of this, students have a healthy lifestyle and reduced the risk of obesity.

Social Intelligence

Summer programs help in improving the social intelligence of children. Daniel Goleman, a psychologist divided the term into parts, social awareness, and social facility. Social awareness is the capability to manage your thoughts and feelings. The qualities it includes are:
  • Empathy
  • Attunement
  • Social cognition.
On the other hand, the social facility is how you use to social awareness to interact with individuals. This includes:
  • Self-presentation
  • Concern for others.
So summer programs are helpful in developing skills to interact and adjust to different environments.
Therefore skills learned in summer programs and afterschool programs will help make the future of your child better. What is you take on the President Trump’s decision, let us know by commenting below.
Jasmine C. Fortune

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