Fortunate Kids Financially Savvy Workshop

Financial stability is about more than a good job or a good idea. Making money, now that’s really just the first step, the initial stage in a long journey based around responsibility, accountability, and common sense. If you want to be financially secure throughout your lifetime, you need to do the right things over and over. You need to develop the right habits and then follow through on those habits throughout your lifetime regardless of your changing situation. There is no way around this. There is no magic pill to avoid it. There is no alternative. The command for each and every one of us is simple: be smart with your money or suffer the consequences.

Of course, tell this to a group of ten adults, and nine of them will tell you, “Yes, I know that.” It’s widespread knowledge, the sort of thing that just about everybody can repeat to you, even if they don’t exactly follow through on it in their own lives. This creates something of a mystery. How did we get here? How did we learn this stuff? Go back ten, twenty years, and hardly anybody is learning this stuff at school. A small portion of people is learning it at home, but usually, that too falls short of all the skills and experiences that young people need to be financially savvy.

With an eye toward making this life-changing knowledge more available to kids, regardless of social or economic situation, Fortunate Kids is proud to present Financial Savvy. Financial Savvy is a youth conference, tailored for students between kindergarten and twelfth grade, and with entertaining, effective presentations, we are showing kids exactly what they need to do to ensure financial security and comfort in their own lives.

This is not complicated stuff, but by the same token, it is not exactly intuitive either. We need to teach our children these concepts, or they will fall by the wayside, to the detriment of themselves and to the detriment of society as a whole. If kids do not know how to handle their money correctly, they will never be able to save, invest, and in turn lend, expanding our economy and forwarding the progress of their towns, their states, and their nations.

Fortunate Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization. Our team of experts has put together a top-grade presentation designed to educate and captivate young minds in order to pass on the financial wisdom and knowledge that they need in order to build their and their children’s futures. When it comes to science, technology, reading, math, nobody ever questions the funding. Nobody ever says, “Are we trying too hard to teach our children these fundamental skills?” That is the attitude that we need to develop when it comes to financial education as well.

Right now, we are turning to you, the community, for help raising $5000.00. This startup capital will cover the costs of launching and operating our Financial Savvy program, providing financial education to the kids who need it most in order to survive and thrive in life.

Your contributions are appreciated.

Thank you,

Jasmine C. Fortune