Fortunate Scholars

children doing math homework Fortunate Kids

With 60% of Detroit’s children living in poverty, many problems exist for them and their families. Many are from single parent homes or homes with both parents working to make ends meet. This leaves many children home alone after school lacking the attention and resources needed for a productive school year. Many dangers await them such as crime, hunger and loneliness.

This much needed project aids in the lack of after-school care by providing a nutritious meal and snack, academic enriching activities and the required 20 minutes of essential daily reading. This program includes “Help with Homework” where our volunteers sit down with each child to make sure homework is done and to provide extra tutoring when needed. Children up to 18 can greatly benefit from this program and don’t fall behind in school. Children appreciate the safety and uplifting support they receive by coming here directly after school. The learning atmosphere is more conducive when there are caring adults present and their bellies are full. Parents feel less stress knowing their children are safe and not getting into trouble while they are at work. During sessions, students have access to mentoring, homework help, STEM projects, team building activities and mentoring opportunities.


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