Summer Enrichment

children at computers
Teaching children in High-risk neighborhoods STEM based skills and applied knowledge concepts lessons to enrich and create a spark for science, math, technology or engineering.

The four major components of this program are:


Integrated throughout all phases of the program. Students will be introduced to new terms daily.

Nutritional Health

Students will be served a healthy balanced meal through United Ways’ “Meet UP Eat Up” program.


Each week we will embark on new journeys based around STEM. Through Lego Education curriculum plans, students will apply knowledge to hands-on learning experiences.


Through Lego Education, weekly themed lesson plans are centered on community focused design projects.


Fortunate Scholars Enrichment Camp serves selected students from Metro Detroit Neighborhoods from 10:30 am until 1:00 pm.  Camps operate in local schools and libraries throughout the summer.

Participants receive STEM lessons in a 5 student group setting, learning skills and applying knowledge together led by summer Enrichment leaders.